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Only the Cursed

The Days of the Dragon, the Dog, and their One True God.

9/14/08 08:49 pm - nizlaili - Fic

Title: The Final Call
Characters : Hatori, Shigure.
Rating : PG-13
Genre : Gen/Friendship
Word Count : 4,900 words. One-shot.
Summary: Estranged cousins and best friends Sohma Hatori and Sohma Shigure struggle to regain their bearing after a near-death experience. Takes place in the first few months after Shigure's banishment from the Sohma mainhouse. Hint of Akito/Shigure.

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11/15/07 10:25 pm - nizlaili - fanfic

Title: Remembrance of Things Past
Word count: 2,155 words
Characters: Sohma Hatori, Sohma Shigure
Genre: Angst/Friendship/Hurt comfort; PG-13
Summary: Akito's passing and its repercussions. Under the full moon, Shigure asks Hatori's permission to follow suit.
Status: One-shot. A companion piece to 'Somewhere In Between' but is independent on its own.
Warning: Only if you don't think Akito's dying is canon. Hint of shounen ai.

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6/21/07 01:14 pm - otaku_mom - Just to say hello and a short poem about...

Who else but Sohma Shigure. I love Shigure and Hatori and I love the deep friendship these two share. I think Hatori could get to be really bland if he didn't have Shigure to liven up his life. Right now though, Shigure is a lot easier to write about than Hatori...I think because I have spent so much time trying to analyze his character. This poem came about because I started to wonder, what would Shigure do if he fell in love with Honda Tohru. I hope this is an appropriate place to post it. It's on ff.net as well but I wanted to contribute something.

I Hide…

I hide behind my masks
Watching over my love so carefully
I long for her; I yearn for her
With a love that can never be.

She laughs, she smiles
I hide, I grin
She mustn’t know it hurts
So much from deep within.

Stupid Cat, damn rat
I know she loves them so
I hide, I joke, I tease
I harbor a love never meant to be.

She grins, they smile
I hide, I laugh
So she will never know
How much I love her so

I hide behind my masks
While my heart yearns to be forever free
I long for her; I yearn for her
With a love that can never be. 

I know this has absolutely nothing to do with Akito who is obviously Shigure's true love, but when I write fanfic, I have to wonder what if...

6/21/07 12:12 am - nizlaili - [Fanart] Distraction

Title : Distraction
Medium : Pencil
Characters : Shigure, Hatori
Warning : Worksafe

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Next will be..."Why Hatori can never work in peace"! Mebbe. ^^;

6/20/07 09:08 pm - nizlaili - First post + fanfic

Hello to members and visitors, and welcome!

It is I, your friendly (at times) maintainer, and a HUGE Hatori/Shigure shipper. This comm was born out of my desire to fangirl my favourite Furuba pairing with fellow Hatori/Shigure fans, or Shigure/Hatori fans, doesn't matter-simply because I love these two to bits, and it just so happened they didn't have an LJ comm of their own.

This is an old fic, one of many-it's been around for a while on FFNet, but has yet to be posted elsewhere.

Title : Only the Cursed
Word count : 2 263 words
Status : One-shot, complete.
Rating : G.
Genre : Angst/Drama
Characters : Sohma Hatori, Sohma Shigure. Mention of Akito & Kureno. Non-yaoi, friendship fic.
Disclaimer : Standard disclaimers apply.
Summary: It's the Year of the Dog, and everyone's gathered around for the big Jyuunishi feast, but someone is not happy. Who? And why?

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